This list includes some of my favorite cookbooks – sources I turn to frequently for information about ingredients, cooking times, techniques, recipes, etc.

By Rick Bayless

By Anthony Bourdain

  • Les Halles Cookbook This used to be the cookbook with the most profanity out of all that I own.  I love that and consider it an excellent representation of many restaurant kitchens.

By David Chang and Peter Meehan

  • Momofuku now holds the title of cookbook with the most profanity out of all that I own.   I got this as a gift and absolutely love it.  I’ve probably made a greater percentage of the dishes in this book than from any other not written by Rick Bayless.

By Thomas Keller

  • Ad Hoc at Home – don’t let the fact that it’s by Thomas Keller fool you into thinking this is out of reach – there are some very approachable recipes in this cookbook.

By Mario Batali with Gwyneth Paltrow

By Mark Bittman


There are several items that are either 1) hard to find (though these days anyone with a browser can find pretty much anything), or 2) made by a manufacturer for which I have a strong preference.  This list includes some of those items.

Grilldome – There are many manufacturers of kamado cookers (Big Green Egg being the best-known).  I bought a Grilldome based on some internet research and this article in Food and Wine Magazine.  After using it for several months, I sold my enormous stainless steel propane grill.  It’s all lump charcoal all the time for me now.

Global knives –Buy a couple of these and you won’t be sorry.  Also buy the relatively inexpensive Microsharp Ceramic Water Sharpener that’s made specifically for the geometry of Japanese knives like Global.


Fromage d’Affinois – the best cheese known to man.


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