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Mint Chocolate Chip Cupcake Cones


Click here for a PDF of this recipe without photos.

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Basic Pizza Dough

Click here for a PDF of this recipe without photos.

Homemade pizza is a fairly regular dinner at our house.  I make a big batch of dough and prepare a bunch of toppings and then let everyone make their own.  Commercial pizza ovens are significantly hotter than most home ovens, but you can easily make pizza dough at least as good as what you’ll find in a restaurant.  If you can find Tipo 00 flour (or order it online), you should do so.  If you can’t find it, this will still be excellent with bread flour or all-purpose flour.
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Cooking with the kids

This weekend, my nine-year-old and I decided that she would cook dinner solo.  I helped with the recipe, shopping list, etc, but she did all of the chopping, measuring, sauteeing, stirring, and other cooking-related tasks.  We decided that she would cook paella (previously posted here, PDF of the recipe here) as the main course.   Continue reading ‘Cooking with the kids’

Child labor fruit salad

I started cooking this evening’s dinner while the kids were still at the park with the nanny.  When they walked in, I was still in the kitchen.  All three ran in yelling “can we help? can we help?” I absolutely love it when the kids want to participate in dinner preparation.  On a related note, it kills me when the kids want to participate but the only remaining tasks involve hot oil, sizzling bacon, a 600 degree grill, or something similarly unsuitable for kids.  So even though I was effectively finished with the preparation, I told the kids they could make some fruit salad.  We frequently buy whatever fruit is in season (which is generally a lot here in California)  and serve it at the end of dinner.  Tonight’s twist: I told the kids they were going to do 100% of the work.  I wasn’t going to get anything from the fridge, get a knife out of the knife block, get a cutting board out of the cabinet, nothing.

Once the kids got all of the ingredients, I directed them (without touching) to the appropriate knives.  I gave them only some basic instructions.  (When my 8-year-old got a little confused by the anatomy of a strawberry, I drew a diagram rather than showing her on an actual strawberry so I could stay true to my kids-do-all-the-work policy).   Continue reading ‘Child labor fruit salad’


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