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Unsolicited Product Review: KettlePizza


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When You’re Hungry…

Julio's Delicatessen 2

My mom recently found an old menu from the original Julio’s Delicatessen.  Tell a friend about the great food at Julio’s.

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Julio’s Delicatessen 100th Post

Since I started this blog almost exactly a year ago, I’ve posted over one hundred recipes and received thousands of visits (and not all of those were from my mom).  Writing this blog has been more fun (and less work) than I anticipated, and I’ve been pleased with the number and variety of recipes I’ve included.  Many of them were recommended to me by those of you who read this blog.  Those recommendations are much appreciated, so please keep them coming.

I’m planning to make a couple of changes to this site that I hope you’ll enjoy.  First, I plan to improve the way I use categories.  In the past, I generally used the one or two categories that best described a dish and as a result had a relatively limited number of categories.  (Paella, for example, was listed only under “main course.”  A friend of mine asked “what’s the point of that?” It’s now listed under Chicken, Sausage, Seafood, Rice, and Spanish.)

Second, since the original intent of this blog was to collect recipes for my kids to access at some future date, I plan to include more posts about those things that we eat on a regular basis.  (This recommendation came from the same friend that asked about the categories.  He pointed out – correctly – that this would be a useful feature “if the point of this is still telling your kids how you did this stuff and not trying to impress strangers with wizardry.”)  Look for these posts (like the one for Pizza Dough) under the “Julio’s Basics” category.

Thanks to everyone who has visited this site over the last year.  I hope you’ll continue reading the next hundred posts.

Julio DeFabis 1928 – 2010

I love you, Grandpa.

Back Home Again in Indiana

It has been over 6 weeks since I posted to this blog.  During that time, our family moved from the San Francisco Bay area back to Indiana where my wife and I grew up.  The primary purpose of the move was to be closer to family.  In the two weeks since we’ve been in our house, we’ve managed to share at least one meal with my dad and step-mom, my mom and step-dad, my wife’s mom and dad, my grandma, my sister,  my wife’s sister, her husband, and her daughter, and my wife’s brother and his daughter (though unfortunately not his wife who was out of town).

We’re missing our California friends (especially the Foxes) terribly, but it has been great to spend time with family.  Some photos of our nieces from this weekend are below.

Julio’s Delicatessen is moving!

Over the next few weeks, we will be relocating from the San Francisco Bay Area back to Indianapolis.   As we prepare for the move (and while our pots and pans are in boxes on a moving truck) my blog activity will be significantly reduced.  But please stay tuned – we’ll be back in business as soon as we get moved-in.


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