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Chili prawns

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I’ve done quite a bit of traveling with my job, including frequent trips to Asia.  The first time I visited Malaysia was the first time I had the famous dish known as “Singaporean Chili Crab.”  To make chili crab, you crack, batter, and fry some mud crabs.  You then cover them in a spicy-tomato-chili-egg sauce.  Using your hands is the only way to eat them and getting the sauce on your shirt is mandatory.  The sauce ranges from spicy to very-very-very spicy (to me at least – a Singaporean would probably laugh at that characterization).  This is a mild version.  Feel free to increase the serrano chiles or chili paste.

There’s no way I would try to make chili crab at home.  (Even in Singapore this is rarely prepared at home.)  Using peeled shrimp makes this much more manageable to cook and especially to eat.

The first place I ever had this was at a restaurant in the Batu Ferringhi area of Penang, Malaysia.  Penang is famous for great food and, based on the handful of times I’ve been, you can’t go wrong when selecting a place to eat.  We chose a place that had a sign reading “if it swims we have it.”  Instead of a menu, they had a huge bank of glass tanks with various kinds of sea creatures waiting to be selected and prepared.  Photos after the jump. Continue reading ‘Chili prawns’

Pan-Roasted Halibut

Pan-roasted halibut pictured with Vegetable Saffron Rice.

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Shortly after serving this dish tonight, my six-year-old proudly presented her clean plate and said “Daddy, can I have some more of that delicious chicken?” The two biggest compliments any protein can receive from my children are 1) to be called “chicken,” and 2) to have a second serving requested (instead of a first serving consumed at the end of a tense negotiation).  This dish received both.  I judge it a success.  It’s also the first time I’ve achieved such a nice brown crust on the top of a fish fillet.  I guess that Keller guy knows his stuff. Continue reading ‘Pan-Roasted Halibut’


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